Examen mammographie, Imagerie La Chaux-de-Fonds

Mammography is an examination performed with a digital X-ray machine. This examination allows viewing the inside of the breast. Each breast is usually X-rayed in two different directions (frontal and oblique), so as to obtain an analysis of the entire volume of the mammary gland.

Only mammography: 15-20 minutes.

Mammography followed by an echography: 1h

Pregnancy in progress or desired 

Do not use body creams on the day of the examination, especially those containing glitter, nor use deodorants in the armpits, especially if they contain aluminium salts.

  • The examination request from your doctor
  • Your insurance card or accident report

Our medical staff will accompany you throughout your stay in our center.

Remove glasses, earrings and necklaces.

The examination is done in a standing position and one breast is examined at a time. The breast will be positioned between the flat sensor and the compression pad. This will come into contact with the breast and compress it in order to spread out the contents of the gland, reduce its thickness and thus better dissociate the structures and reduce the level of required radiation. This can be unpleasant but lasts less than a minute. Compression improves the quality of images. For the oblique shot, you will be asked to raise your arm. Then the examination is repeated on the other breast.

The examination can be supplemented if necessary by an ultrasound either to clarify an image or because the breast is very dense due to an abundance of glandular tissue.